A3M provides the following services to the communities of owners:

° Constitution of community´s owners.
° Notification for assemblies: Writing and sending notifications.
° Attendance at community meetings, writing and sending records.
° Assistance to owners in our offices.
° Calculation, billing and collection of the community´s contributions.
° Conducting the community´s accounting community, budgeting, and monthly detailed information about the income and expenses, evolution, as well as about the community´ worker´s contracts sand affairs of the community.
° Labor Management: production and preparation of payroll, social insurance and the community´s employees’ contracts.
° Preparation and delivery of correspondence to owners.
° Control and inspection of community facilities, paid staff, construction and repairs in progress, and suppliers.
° Selection of suppliers to deal with any eventuality (plumbers, painters, electricians, sanitation, pest control, etc ...) always at the best price.
° Legal advice service

The personalized care services and documentation will be provided in Spanish and English, and also can be extended to French and German, if necessary.

Telephone Customer Service and Virtual Office 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

Our phones are open at all times to respond to emergency situations that can not wait.

Our website allows that the owner can access to all information about the community at any time (State of the accounts, meeting requests, results of meetings, budgets, and all kinds of information and can notify easily through the virtual office any break down, problem, or modification on your property.

If you have don´t password, please contact with us and we will gladly give you your username and password to access the service.

If you are not yet a customer we offer you a discount of up to 20% on the price you are currently paying.



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